Sunday, January 29, 2012

New BIG BOY toys here....The Mule!

We've had a busy weekend....went big boy toy shopping with my husband, Wes, and he hit pay dirt! LOL. We first went to the tractor store (aka where he buys the BIG tractors for the farm) and he bought an industrial size zero-turn mower to solve the ever-growing, difficult to cut area around the chix house. Problem solved! THEN...the real fun began...we went and found a UTV (like an ATV minus the sales tax when you have a farm account)! Isn't it cute!! :) Yes, I chose the camo, I thought it was perfect.....and the guys have been having a marvelous time "breaking it in" today!

So....I didn't get much quilting done this weekend, as in none....but I did manage to select some fabrics for a BOM I have chosen to do...."Thru the Woods" link listed to the left, and I'm excited.

Here's hoping you're deep in stitches (unlike me this weekend....LOL),



Susan said...

That looks like a lot of fun to drive around on errands - when it's warm out!

Quilting Cheri said...

It's really fun. I took it for a test drive with my 17yo son, Cody, who talked me through it...LOL. He's a total gem! My husband said, "It gets 60 miles per gallon!" I laughed and told him, "So does my Prius and it's warmer!" We're expecting cold weather this weekend and possibly our first snow this year on Monday....ewww!