Sunday, December 28, 2008

Inside the chicken house construction AND Grandbaby pics...

It's becoming a reality! The top pic is of waterers and feeders on one end of the HUGE chicken house, which is actually a double house, placed end-to-end. The next two pics show the other end of the chicken house, with the nesting boxes going together...the LONG part of the process. The last pic is the egg room, which is under construction, clearly. The room you see is the refrigerated room. They have a lot of work to do in this room yet! :) That red stuff you see on the floors....that would be red dirt for all of you northerners who have only seen the black stuff or sand...LOL. It was new for me, too!! :)

And now.....Christmas grandbaby pics.....yep, they're adorable!!!! :)

Mr. Robbie (3) and Miss Kayleigh (18 months) were such fun to see at Christmas.... The last pic we call Kayleigh's got his (Robbie's) truck! :) Doesn't she just look charming, too!! :)

When I arrived at my parents home (8+ hour drive!), the first words out of my mouth were "where are my babies?" LOL....well, when Robbie (3) arrived a few minutes later, the first words out of his mouth was, "where's Grandma Sweetheart?" (his pet name for me, which I adore!)....great minds think alike, you know! :) LOL! Anyway, I heard the babies come in (with mommy & daddy, of course)....and ran upstairs to see them....Robbie, as soon as he saw me, squealed, "Grandma Sweetheart!" and ran to give me a BIG bear hug! Did I mention I just adore these children!!??!! LOL!! What a welcome home for the holidays!!

Hope y'all are enjoying the season as much as I am....are snuggly warm with your family and filled to the brim with blessings and is so good.....

'Till we chat again,


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and welcome to our home. This is our tree this year, which was a FUN family project...the guys got to haul everything in for me and move things around so I could put the tree in the front great room window...wasn't that fun! :) Then Cody (my 14 y/o son still at home) helped put the tree together (I'm so glad he's so big and strong now, this tree weighs a TON!).....and he helped me put on lights, garland, decorations, bows and candy seems so simple, but whew, it took quite a while....
Anyway....we celebrated Christmas today with our sons (Cody & David). David moved to southern Missouri almost 2 months ago now, and we're so glad he's here!! He got a really good job and is enjoying himself, settling in and making friends. So...he came over today and we had our gift exchange, watched a movie...and had some family time. We'll be celebrating with family tomorrow, too....the weather changed our plans just a bit from our "normal" Christmas, but it's all good.....
Hope you are enjoying wonderful time with family and friends...celebrating the wonder of the season...the birth of Jesus!
Merry Christmas!
Until we chat again,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chicken House Construction, phase 3

The chicken house is really coming along, almost all closed in. The egg room in the middle is going to be really cool. I didn't take a pic, but beside where I was standing to take the photos is the generator shed. We should have chickens as soon as the equipment is all installed, which will still take a while.
As a side note, and a down point, our neighbors are still trying to make us miserable and creating trouble where it isn''s hard to believe that anyone has so little to do that they find the ridiculous need to keep making telephone calls and sending officials out to our house for STUPID complaints. At this point, they have sent so many different state agencies to our house, I probably could charge them with harassment, but I hate doing something like that...and it's Christmas! SHESH! Today, we had a state official out because the other day, when the winds were over 40 miles per hour, some plastic was in his pasture. Can you believe it?? One piece of plastic blew into his pasture! I'm appalled at the childishness and ridiculous nature of the behavior of these "supposed" adults...leaves me beyond words frustrated a lot. With so many REAL problems going on in the U.S. today....people who are dying for our country....the economy that has taken a major many people who are downsized out of their jobs....states running out of unemployment money to pay folks who have been downsized out of their jobs.....children who are hungry and without having their needs met....and the time of year that it is. With the way the neighbors act, one would think we have done something to them.....well, we haven't. Our chicken house isn't in front of their's beside our house with nothing but pasture behind it. We never say anything about what they do with their property...we never complain when he's out making all kinds of noise early on the weekend mornings with his chainsaw or other equipment....we never complain about their dogs who run loose all the time and truly are a nuisance to the neighbors (tearing up trash bags, constantly going into neighbors yards, running up and down the road in front of vehicles, and ganging up on other dogs--they have several loose dogs).... I guess they just don't have happy lives, so they want everyone else to be miserable just like they sad! Maybe I just need to pray for them!

Okay, enough negativity....the chicken house project has been a LONG time in coming and I am going to savor every moment of the construction. Time to look on the bright side and the blessing: Wes will be producing eggs in no time!! YIPPEE, he will no longer be downsized out of a job and unemployed (since March of this year!!), and this is going to be soooo good for him!! God has richly blessed us, answered our prayers, and we are thankful!!
Hope y'all are snuggled cozy and warm with your families, enjoying the beauty of the season.....sipping on some hot cocoa....and enjoying all of the blessings of the season.
Until we chat again,