Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friday night's accomplishments

I know it's Saturday when I'm posting this, but I was too lazy to post it last When I went into the quilting room after work, I found this lovely quilt laying next to my sewing machine (I had put it there last week when I was organizing the quilt tops I still need to finish up, and remembered this one was DONE) that's what I worked on! Binding is completed and the quilt is all finished. The quilting has been done for quite a while.....but it's all good, one more completed project. Now...whatever will I work on today??

Here's hoping you're deep in stitches!


Sarah or Semmy said...

A Beauty! I like the way you appear to have woven the strips as if they were ribbons. The fabric is precious. Like those Sunbonnet Sues.
Sarah in OK.

Quilting Cheri said...

Thank you! It sure is an easy pattern, goes together very quickly. I bought this as a quilt kit and love the way it turned out.