Monday, November 29, 2010

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas TREE :)

.....and the Christmas tree is up, decorated! I love the house all decked out for Christmas, and it is the most awesome feeling every time I walk into our great room (the main living space in our home). I am *almost* ready to begin listening to Christmas music....but not quite yet! I do have several books on CD that I'm anxious to listen to, Christmas themes, of course!! Still waiting for Miss Tin Lizzie Ansley to arrive...and beginning to wonder it it was shipped on the day it was promised....HMMMMM, I might need to call and check in with the company AGAIN to see what's up if it doesn't arrive today....and it's already 3:11 p.m., so I'm beginning to doubt we will see it today.....
Did I mention I can't wait?
Until we chat again,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More pics of the chickies arriving this week....

And more pics of the very happy chickadees, finding the feeders and making themselves right at home! The chickens come in on semi trucks and are brought into the chicken houses as shown's a very interesting process. There are only hens in the houses right now; the roosters arrive tomorrow (Friday). In all, we have about 8,800 hens and 500 or so roosters in each house, so just under 10,000 birds! That's going to be a lot of eggs rolling down the conveyor belts here in a few weeks! I think we'd better enjoy this little break we get with our current "babysitting" duty only! :) Seriously, my husband is monitoring the chickens very closely, making sure every bird is eating and drinking and moving around well....and so far, so good!
Okay, now I'll find some quilting to do....what a stressor....NOT! :)
Until we chat again,

Chicken houses all ready!!

OOPS! The pics posted backwards! The bottom pics are the clean houses with the fresh litter, awaiting chickens....and the top pics are the chickadees arriving! This is our 3rd flock of birds now, and we're beginning to feel like we know what we're doing....amazing! I am still surprised at how much there to to properly raising egg-producing hens.
Yes, I'm quilting, too....I'll post some quilting pics in the next few days, with any kind of luck!
Until we chat again,