Saturday, September 6, 2008

Juki and a Quilting Frame

Ever been almost afraid to try something new? I get so excited about getting my quilt tops finished and then I go and look at this setup....and I think I'm panicking, does that sound bizarre? It's like I just don't know where to start and I'm afraid of doing something wrong. I really have to get this perfectionist thing put behind me....I am sure I am going to love quilting with this.....

Here's some history....I got this at a fantastic price when we lived in Illinois at Hancock Fabrics; the store had a display model that I fell in love with and just had to have. I saved my pennies (LOL) and bought it finally. I paid $50 for these 2 wonderful college kids to come over and put it together for me, and they did an awesome job....but I didn't know anything about how it went together, how to use know the drill, right! forward a couple of months...we get relocated to Missouri (with employment), and the movers take this frame apart....into little bitty pieces....ARRGGGHH!! Well, it took literally forever to move into our house totally (still haven't done that fully), with us both working full time and having less space from the house change (2400 sq ft with a full basement to 2600 square feet with no basement....that's HUGE, trust me!). Anyway, I finally got this stupid (now I'm calling it stupid, not a good thing) frame together a while ago and I just look at it (by the way I would have gladly paid $100 to have it put together again, where are those college kids when you need them??). Have I used it much? Nope!

This is a wonderful setup and I wonder why it intimidates me so much! :) I have used this so little, more for straightening quilts or for displaying quilts...I don't think that's what it's intended for. So today....I have some assignments to do for my online class (went back to school to complete the BSN-MSN degree I've put off for so long)....and then the day is mine. Now I just have to talk myself into getting out there and actually PLAYING with my toys. Maybe if I look at it like that, I'll actually give it a try. Wish me good luck!!

Until we chat again,