Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tin Lizzie Ansley is ready to quilt...I hope!

Well, I think we've got everything on my new longarm quilting least I cannot find anything else that needs to be attached, installed or loaded. We're still waiting on Shirley Stitcher II to come in (the company we bought it from forgot that part....OOPS!).....but it's okay since we had quite a bit of work to do to get everything else up and running. I've got one of the leaders on the rollers, backwards first, of course....doesn't that just go without saying??!!?? I have to get an order ready to go to Checkers (wholesale distributors) for supplies.....thread, batting, bobbins, needles....and other necessities.....but I've got some practice (play) right now. If it seems I fall off the planet, y'all will know where I am, right? LOL!
Merry Christmas (in case I fall into the deep dark hole of quilting).....
Until we chat again,

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tin Lizzie Ansley: Phase 2, the Frame/Table

Yes, we are moving in a forward direction here! It won't be long until Tin Lizzie Ansley will be teaching me how to be a longarm quilter! I'm growing more excited by the moment! In these pics the frame is about 1/2 put together....evidenced by the box that is still a little bit full of parts. Who knew there were so many pieces to a longarm quilting frame? Gotta love Grace (the maker of the Hailey frame that Tin Lizzie Ansley glides across). Real quilting coming soon, stayed tuned!
Until we chat again,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tin Lizzie Ansley has ARRIVED!

It has been an exciting day at our house today, Tin Lizzie Ansley arrived today in 4 big boxes.....all shrink-wrapped together. It was VERY heavy and arrived on a UPS truck....not a regular truck, a semi-truck! My husband (thank God he has pick-up trucks, a tractor and some experience with heavy lifting....not to mention those muscles!)....and my son put it into the back of the pickup truck and brought it up to the house. We cut apart the shrink wrap and brought the boxes in the house, one at at time......MUCH easier! The frame is metal, Hailey frame by Grace, so it's heavy....and Ansley is rather still quite heavy even in 4 boxes! The guys are working on the frame tonight....but have lots more to go....I'll post pics when she's up and ready to quilt on...can't wait!! The celebrations have begun in southern Missouri, we'll be longarm quilting VERY soon!!!!!
Until we chat again,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

This would be a typical day at our house during the homeschool year. It's just a little more festive at the kitchen table during the holiday season...the table is decked out for the holidays, too! :) Cody (16) has plenty to keep him busy this year, with a good, solid curriculum. He is studying:
Algebra 2
American Literature/Advanced Writing
American History
Bible study
Fine arts: Music theory, guitar lessons and calligraphy/italics
Practical agriculture/Farm management
Until we chat again,