Sunday, January 29, 2012

New BIG BOY toys here....The Mule!

We've had a busy weekend....went big boy toy shopping with my husband, Wes, and he hit pay dirt! LOL. We first went to the tractor store (aka where he buys the BIG tractors for the farm) and he bought an industrial size zero-turn mower to solve the ever-growing, difficult to cut area around the chix house. Problem solved! THEN...the real fun began...we went and found a UTV (like an ATV minus the sales tax when you have a farm account)! Isn't it cute!! :) Yes, I chose the camo, I thought it was perfect.....and the guys have been having a marvelous time "breaking it in" today!

So....I didn't get much quilting done this weekend, as in none....but I did manage to select some fabrics for a BOM I have chosen to do...."Thru the Woods" link listed to the left, and I'm excited.

Here's hoping you're deep in stitches (unlike me this weekend....LOL),


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quilting is going on around here!

My Janome is a humming tonight! I am finally putting together a mystery quilt I started in September. About time, huh? I have had the individual sections done, but just have not put it together. I love the fabrics AND the's from one of my yahoo groups. What a fun thing to do! I don't think I've ever trusted my fabric judgment enough to go for a mystery quilt before. I was always afraid I would put it together and then hate the quilt. I'm sorry to say if I hated the quilt, I would not finish it....sad, but true. you want to see the main sections? Okay, but I haven't read the next step yet, so I've no idea how this will all go together. I have the big part in 5 strips, so I'm pretty sure how that's going to go.

I also did not follow the directions....I'm sure that will surprise everyone who knows me....NOT! So...I will have to cut the border strips out before I can do the next step I'm guessing.... I'm getting pretty excited and thinking I might just quilt this one next, jumping way ahead of my other quilt tops that are waiting patiently in line. I know, no cutting...but hey, they're all my quilts, so I can do which ever one I want. Here's a sneak peek:

I think it's going to be a glad my friend, Jody, posted the steps and lead the mystery!! Let me just say I am so glad I've done my FIRST ever mystery! I think I'm going to love this quilt!

Here's hoping you are deep in stitches,


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Projects, projects, projects

It's a new year and I have a new actually USE my blog, now there's an idea! I really *needed* some help taking pics of my purchases, so along came my trusty sidekick, Pippa. She says it's time for me to get quilting, since I already went shopping and bought the fabrics for my projects....I do believe she's right!

I really like the free Just Takes Two BOM this year (the BOM link is to the left under Pippa's pic)....the fabrics were calling my name from across the room this weekend when I went to the LQS in Springfield, I brought some home. I haven't even checked my stash yet to see what I have, LOL, but that's okay, I still need more, I'm sure.

I think that's a pretty fine start, now I can start cutting, cutting, cutting and listening to the lovely hummmmmm of my Janome 6600.

In honor of our chicken houses (yes, that's the best excuse I can come up with today), I really must make a barn quilt using Eleanor Burns book, so I began buying fabrics for the barn quilt and I got the book. I am very inspired now, and may just have to figure out what other fabrics I might, I mean need....

And, I should probably start by working on my BOM from the LQS that I haven't started yet, and I get the last month, oh, I don't know, like next week! :) It's an Aunt Grace, so I'm bound to love all of those wonderful 30's repros. I have to admit the *real* reason I have to get this one started....I am signing up for another BOM at my LQS, it's just too cute to say no. You'll have to stay tuned for that one....coming soon!! I guess that's about it for now....

Here's hoping you're deep in stitches,