Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's FINISHED.....the Cowboy quilt top

Yes, it is finally least the top of it. I still have to quilt this monster, and I do mean monster, it's just huge. I haven't measured it yet, and I don't think I will until AFTER I have it quilted! :) No sense in depressing myself before I get started.

I had intended to add 2 more rows to it, but just plain ran out of room. The corners touch the floor now, so that's it. I think I will put the chocolate brown dust ruffle on the bed before I add this quit...the creamy one doesn't do anything special for this quilt, but I think the chocolate brown will be perfect. I have to decide which quilt to start next....decisions, decisions.....hmmm....I think I will start on Cody's quilt. I will probably just go ahead and load this quilt onto the Grace frame and let Miss Juki do her I really need to get into the actual 'quilting' frame of mind (no pun intended!)....since I've got so many quilt tops would be nice to clear off those "to finish" quilt racks and start refilling them all over again........ Hopefully this one will motivate me to get moving.

Well, this is my 2nd blog for today, so I'm signing off now, before y'all think I'm a novelist...wannabe! :)

Until we chat again,


Our New Aussie addition.....Spy

She's here and we love her. Please join us in welcoming Spy to our little Aussie Ranch! :) Spy is a gorgeous black tri female Australian shepherd with 2 gorgeous blue eyes. Her pedigree takes her back to my all-time favorite Australian shepherd ever, Ghosteyes, "Indy"....who is a solid black Australian shepherd with 2 piercing blue eyes. He was and IS an awesome man. We are adding another puppy, probably next week, directly from the breeder of "Indy" Hoss. I'll definitely post more pics of him.
While getting nearly full size, Spy is still most definitely a puppy! No one told her that she's a big girl now, so she constantly tries to climb into my husband, Wes', She sleeps on the floor next to his side of the bed, and she has attached herself to him. Right now, he went to Lowe's to pick up some more parts...and she is sitting at the garage door fussing for him! :) She comes in to see me every now and again for a petting and to let me know that "dad" isn't back yet! :) ROFLOL! She's quite the little comic.
She has been introduced to the cattle and horse....and so far, so good. She loves to work....which translates to helping us do anything we're doing at this point. We're so very happy to have her here.....
'Till we chat again,

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cowboy quilt nearly finished!!

This quilt is nearly completion!! YIPPEE! What a feeling. It's getting way too big to mess with much these days, and I'm ready to start a new project, so it's time to get the quilt top finished....then comes the quilting, yee haw! lol...sorry, that just seemed like the right thing to say, since it's a cowboy themed quilt. It is an oversized king quilt right now, and I think I'll add another row or two on to finish it up. I have some lovely blue that I think would look nice, or I can add some more of the border strip between the piano keyboard border and the wide lighter yellow/cowboys....we'll just have to wait and see what tickles my fancy! :)

Otherwise, things are going very well. I think I'll start Cody's quilt next...he's my 14-year-old son. I have some really nice planet themed fabric that I think would make a great quilt for his room. We really need to redecorate/redo his room into more of a "teenager" theme, since he's getting sooo old! :) LOL....... It does really need to be painted, that's for sure. The previous owners had a "Spongebob" color scheme in there, and that's what Cody used when we first moved in....but he's outgrown it now, and we need to update it for him. I am thinking of doing the quilt first and then choosing paint based on the quilt...a bit backwards, I know, but I already have the fabrics!! :) I think a nice, light-colored paint would be awesome, we'll just have to figure out how to cover the paint that's already there......

Well, that's it for now. I need to figure out what I'm making for supper and get moving. Hope y'all are having a wonderful week......

Till we chat again,

Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Cowboy roostin robin pics....and more! :)

Wow, it's been busy around the farm. This is such a fun time of the year, but woo hoo, we're just swamped. I have managed to find some time to add a couple of borders to my cowboy roosting robin quilt, though. It's on our bed in this pic, so I'm just about maxed out as far as how many borders I can hoo! :) I have really enjoyed making this quilt, I'm really liking the whole roosting robin quilt approach, so easy, so fun and they really turn out well.
Right now, I'm sewing together more of the piano key borders, like I did earlier in the quilt....all of the colors side by side...I think it will just make the quilt burst (a friend called it "pop" and that's a great term, and a huge compliment from her!)..... I'm thinking at this point I will just add the 2nd piano key border to 3 sides, since the quilt is centered on the bed right now, and I don't have much more space at the top of the quilt before I run out of bed...ha ha ha....who'd have thunk it? lol.....all that bed and I'm outta space for quilt borders.....
I had planned on adding another light cowboy fabrics, surrounded by brown...and I have this gorgeous dark blue fabric that needs to be in this quilt for the furthest outside border...and then I will back and bind it in the chocolate brown "main" fabric....and I think it will be done. That's when the hard part begins, and when I start WHINING.....when it comes time to quilt this I really have to stop making such BIG quilts...either that or start paying someone to quilt them.... naw, I wouldn't do that, couldn't part with the quilt long enough to send it out to a quilter. Besides, I need to be saving up some moolah for that Gammill long arm quilter, can't be spending it when I have a very nice Juki that CAN quilt with my Grace frame..I'm really quite spoiled when it comes to quilting, I know it and I love it! :)
Oh, I have to share a Robbie story today! Robbie is my 3 year old grandson, who I went to see last week. He is the sweetest little boy I have ever seen, sugar sweet...and that's more than just this grandma talking, he's a true sweetheart. Well, go figure, I called him Robbie Sweetheart (like that is his middle name or something) the entire today he sees a silver Malibu (which is what we drove when we went visiting in Illinois....can't afford to drive the Durango or the big truck anymore!).....anyway, when he sees the silver Malibu, he says in his adorably sweet voice, "Hi Grandma Sweetheart!" My daughter, Amanda, just had to call me to see if I had called Robbie Sweetheart...and to share his story.....I'm so in love with this little guy, he's awesome!! I love all 3 of my grandchildren...and I love sharing stories, I'm sure y'all will hear WAY more stories than you care to hear, but I really need to get these stories down in print, so I can preserve them forever...these are the times I never want to forget!! :)
Well, enjoy your cup of java....and we'll chat later!