Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quilt Shop Hop FUN!! Spring Fever 2012 shop hop highlights

What a fun Saturday!! I went quilt shop hopping today and have had such a great time. This has been an awesome week, anyway, but today was just perfect!! Here's the shop hop quilt that I got the supplies/fabric/pattern to make, isn't it the cutest???!! This pic was taken at Block By Block Quilt shop in Carthage, Missouri (with permission)....I can hardly wait to make it!! If you are ever in Carthage, MO, you've got to go to Block By Block, it's one of my favorite quilt shops ever (and no, I don't have any ownership in it...this is unbiased advertising! LOL).

I also came home with another quilt kit, a couple of snowman patterns - one with the embroidery digitizing pattern for my new embroidery machine (I know, I haven't shared about that, yet...I need to get it out of the box, seriously!!) and another one is a snowman faces pattern a friend recently made up and I loved (can't believe I actually FOUND a pattern I wanted!), a "Butterfly Breeze" quilt pattern with kit (gorgeous fabric), a floral embroidery & quilt block pattern (does life get any better than having both in one pattern?), and a Sewline Needle Threader that I have been eyeing for quite a while....I can't believe it took me that long to buy it! LOL...must have been a demonstration of will-power, yes, I really do have will-power sometimes....okay, not often! :) What a wonderful Saturday!! Tomorrow...maybe I'll get that embroidery machine OUT of the box and find some play time!! I didn't get a lot of playtime this week....well, before today that is....ha!

Here's hoping you are deep in stitches,


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lulu said...

Take that machine out of the box and have a wonderful experience LOL.